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BROCKTON HOUSING AUTHORITY - "Mr. Vijay Kumar was the project architect on a design and construction contract undertaken by the Brockton Housing Authority. Mr. Kumar was brought on to re-focus a project that had become disjointed and delayed. Mr. Kumar showed a firm understanding of the tasks that had to be undertaken and through his efforts the project was quickly redesigned and brought back on track. Mr. Kumar’s design was within budget and accomplished the goals set forth by the Authority. His diligence in consulting with us throughout the design process, the bid process, and into construction, was exemplary. I believe Mr. Kumar would be an asset to any undertaking.” -
Frank L. Hinds, Director of Modernization, Brockton Housing authority

A REAL ESTATE COMPANY/2572 East Main Road/P.O. Box 311/Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871 - “The purpose of this letter is to state that we have used Vijay Myne as our architect, space planner, and designer, exclusively, for the past two years. During this time, he has designed a 4,000 square-foot office space at Bellevue Plaza, Newport, Rhode Island; provided full architectural plans for a 5,600 square-foot office building at the Polo Center, Middletown, Rhode Island, including space planning and interior design; a 3,700 square-foot expansion of Alpine Ski & Sports to a second level at Bellevue Plaza; and a total renovation of my personal home in Newport, including a 1,200 square-foot addition to a kitchen, which has been selected by House Beautiful for publication. Let me state that I have never met a designer with Vijay’s outstanding abilities, and I would unquestionably recommend him to anyone seeking quality workmanship.” -
David G. Bazarsky, Executive Vice President, Samuel’s Realty Co., Inc

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